Midwifery Clinic

Here you will find information about patients’ rights and how we work to ensure the provision of safe and secure care.

The midwifery clinic offers

  • Pregnancy
    When you are pregnant, a personal midwife will be assigned to you who will accompany you during your pregnancy, from the first visit to the recurring visits after childbirth. During your pregnancy, the midwife regularly checks your values and those of your foetus, preparing you and your partner for childbirth and parenthood.
  • Contraceptives
    We offer personalised advice on contraception. Together with your midwife, you can find the contraceptive that suits you best and get your questions answered. We can also help you with practical things such as renewing prescriptions, inserting or removing your IUD, getting contraceptive injections, or receiving emergency contraception.
  • Pregnancy testing
    We offer pregnancy testing. If the pregnancy was wanted, we will help with booking an enrolment visit with a midwife. If it is an unwanted pregnancy, you are welcome to talk to one of our midwives and we can guide you to an abortion clinic if you make that decision.
  • Sexually transmitted infections
    With us, you can get tested for sexually transmitted infections covered by the Communicable Diseases Act such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and HIV.
  • Cell smear tests
    Women who are registered in Sweden and have a Swedish personal identity number are regularly invited to visit the midwifery clinic for cell harvesting or to get a home test for checking HPV according to a screening program. If you have received an invitation, it is valid for one year. Gynaecological cell harvesting is an easy way to detect cell changes early, which may can lead to cancer if untreated.

There are midwifery clinics run by Region Stockholm in all municipalities in Stockholm County. You choose which clinic you want to go to. All visits to the midwifery clinic are free of charge. There may be exceptions.

You can contact us for advice or appointment booking via the app Alltid öppet, 1177 Vårdguiden's e-services or by calling us.

If you need an interpreter during your visit, we will arrange it. Let us know when you book your visit. An interpreter is free of charge for you as a patient.